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2000 LC 100
PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:59 pm
Greetings, I'm not new to Toyotas or off roading but just sold an 03 T4R for a 2000 Land Cruiser. I wanted something bigger and really I just wanted a Land Cruiser.

The specifics:
2000 LC 100
2 owners and all dealer maintenance
274k (not really worried)
That silver/champagne color that most of them are
Never smoked in and the best paint I've ever seen on a vehicle this age
Never in an accident except a minor front left fender bender, so instead of replacing with stock parts they added a sweet ARB bumper!
Came with a used (old) Ramsey 9k winch not installed
3rd row seats have been stored and never sat in. They are like new.

Worn front seats but no tears
Badly worn steering wheel
Badly needs tires and wheels (lots of cooked on brake dust). I'm looking on CL at a few sets of Tundra 18"s
Probably BFG KO2's E-rated. I've bought several sets and am a fan
Interior trim is faded and generally craptastic. Hmmmm, what to do.
HAD that gold crack dealer badging.....for about an hour. Painting black.
Bank 1 O2 sensor code

Parts on order:
Bank 1 02 sensor
new hood lift struts
fuel, air, oil filters

Issues I could use some guidance on:
Truck drives great except for seriously bad tires. Truck has sat for a good while, probably while they hemmed and hawed about not selling their trusty old LC!
However, the tranny seems to be overfilled on the dipstick and leaked after I got home and parked it. I haven't driven since I was busy with holidays. Could it be that the seller overfilled the tranny and it's just overflowing? I'm not really sure why this would be since it's had dealer maintenance. Tranny was rebuilt at 150k. It shifts perfect and fluid is nice and red, not burnt. I'm a pretty good wrench and this is all I can figure. I do not have communication with the previous owner to ask them.

I have a lift and will get her up in the air by this weekend to investigate further. Thoughts?

Wheels and tires post haste
Mount the winch and probably get synthetic line and new fairlead since it didn't come with one at all
Mild suspension lift
Pull those **** running boards
Detail including under the hood
Tint (sooner or later)
Pull and paint interior (door/console/vent) trim

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2000 LC 100
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:39 am
So, it was a productive day. I found some 2013 Tundra wheels with Nitto Terra Grapplers today on CL. Already mounted them up. Great life on the tires, 275/65-18"s. I used the old centercaps from my OEM wheels which popped on just fine. I also pulled the running boards while I had it up on the lift.

Also, complete wash and exterior detail. I'll get to the inside more tomorrow I hope. Tomorrow my parts should be in as well.

While up on the lift I found that this thing is in even better shape than I thought. Absolutely no rust and I can't believe the condition for 274k. It does have some BADLY leaking valve cover gaskets, both sides. Looks like I'll be tearing in to that very soon.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:43 pm
Welcome and congrats on the new LC.

Sounds like you're all sorted on the wheels and tires.

Give me more detail on this trans leak... are we talking about a drip on the driveway or seeping from something? Seems like if the trans was rebuilt at 150 that 100k miles in between would have taken care of any residual fluid spilled. Are you sure it's the trans? Take a look at the transfer case - thats a common leak point at the higher mileage. If thats it it's no big deal - some time and Toyota FIPG will solve it.
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