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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:47 am
Hi All,
New user here, been on mud for a while but am interested in getting more into the hobby. I have had a 98 FJ100 for about 3 years; its a backup vehicle for me that serves mostly as a utility/camping vehicle for me. Yesterday i went with my buddy to Hollister and went up a few of the blue trails in his '15 rubicon (small lift, some skid plates etc) and now i really want to see what the land cruiser is capable of. (we went to the top overlook then headed back to the obstacle corse area) Right now the truck is bone stock; the only thing i have done to it is pull the steps off the sides. I currently have factory sized Michelin LTX street tires on it; they are new-ish with probably around 10k miles on them.

Going with him there were a few rocky sections (especially near the top of the blue trail headed up to the lookout point) that seemed a bit too technical for my stock truck... is that just me being shy or is my assumption correct? Is there anything that are a must do for stock trucks? I saw on mud that starting with sliders and skid plates is a good idea; I really only know of Slee for parts. Is there a better "value" option for those types of parts? My other assumption is that my tires arent really going to cut it... is that accurate? Is a lift necessary or can i get by with just getting larger tires?


BTW - I'm located in San Jose in the willow glen / cambrian area... any local meets that i should know about?
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:21 pm
Lots of questions in here - I'll try to get to them :-)

So Hollister - Your stock LC can do just about any trail in the park. The places where you would want to avoid is the tank traps - your buddies rubi would have the hurt there as well. In the obstacle course areas don't do the mud pit. You will get stuck. Some of the rock obstacles are ground clearance issues and are not in the wheelhouse for your LC. But driving over big rocks for the sake of driving over big rocks is not that cool anyway. You're probably being shy in many places but the park is for practice so it's perfectly ok to tiptoe into things you haven't done before. Just make sure you have recovery gear like straps and at least a hitch mounted shackle for the rear and some kind of mount for the front (tow hooks don't count).

If you want to see a 100 take that mud pit

More vids


The absolute first offroad mod is communications. You need to be able to communicate with others in your group even if that group is 1 buddy in a Rubi. HAM radio is the preferred choice but some guys still hold onto CB Radios. At the very least FRS radios for car-to-car when your in sight of each other. For the trips I lead HAM radio is required - it's s safety thing.

First hardware mod is tires. LTx is a very good street tire but it's not great for serious offroad. Since this isn't your primary ride you could get a more aggressive tire choice - goodyear Duratrac, BFG KM02 etc. 285/75-16 fits without issues. Second Mod is sliders (I use metal tech). Suspension is a great mod but you have to be very specific about your use to really take advantage of this mod. Lift is a function of weight of the vehicle against the spring height and rating. I've run every iteration of rear spring from OME so we can get into that if you like.

There is an off road meet up in Emeryville from time to time thats getting pretty big. I do Pizza meet ups in Campbell occasionally. You should check out the california Nevada section on Expedition Portal.
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